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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are you taking new patients currently?

A: We are always taking in new patients and their families. Call to make an appointment at our Gretna office today!


Q:  Do you take my insurance?

A: We take ALL major insurance companies. If you have an alternative insurance, just call and ask us. We are here to help.


Q: The dentist says I need a certain procedure, but it isn’t covered by my insurance. Why not and isn’t there some other procedure that would work just the same?

A: Dr. Adams and Dr. Sutherland diagnose and provide treatment based on what you need, not based on what your insurance covers. Some employers or insurance plans exclude coverage for necessary treatment to reduce their cost. If you’re having trouble affording your dental care, ask us! We offer financing options and if the procedure allows, we can sometimes spread out treatment a little to help you afford it.


Q: Do you see children as patients?

A: Yes! We recommend scheduling your child's first visit as soon as their first tooth grows in. We make every effort to ensure this first visit is fun and enjoyable, so that visiting the dentist is a pleasure and not a chore for you as your child grows up. At the end of this visit, we will determine when we should schedule the first dental cleaning.


Q: My child is afraid of going to the dentist. What should I do?

A: Oftentimes our children are afraid of things that we as parents are afraid of. Consider scheduling a “getting to know you” visit where you and your child take a tour of the office, meet the dentist and learn about what will happen at your child’s first dental visit. There’s no reason to fear the unknown if you know exactly what to expect!

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